What Is The Best Life Insurance Plan For Me?

There are more insurance options now than ever. Whole life policies. Term life policies. From companies you’ve heard of your entire life…and companies you’ve never heard of. Some have an office down the street. Some are on the Internet. Others use the telephone as their primary tool to communicate the supposed advantages of the coverage they offer. How do you weed through all the clutter? How do you find the single best policy that fits your budget and gives your family the coverage they need if they die and your income disappears? All the choices that are now out there leave most people asking simply: “What is the best life insurance for me?” The answer is one important click away.

Go online to an insurance broker. A good one can compare rates from all the best insurance coverage providers. Comparing rates is fast, it’s easy, and, best of all, it’s absolutely free of charge. That’s right-it takes just a few minutes and costs nothing to get two priceless benefits: protection for your family’s future and peace of mind for you.

The two main types of life insurance-term and whole-are quite different. Most whole life policies are more expensive but have a cash value that you can draw upon if necessary or desired. This isn’t to say that a whole life insurance policy should be viewed as an investment strategy. The point of insurance isn’t to make money; it’s to replace income that vanishes because of death. A term policy has no cash value that the policy holder can draw; it is designed to pay a monetary benefit only upon the policy holder’s death. Another difference: term life insurance is nearly always more affordable than a whole life policy.

For that reason, many families searching for the best life insurance find that a term life policy is just what they need. It provides your family with financial protection by replacing all or part of your income if you die. The benefit from your policy can be used in any way needed: to help pay for the mortgage on your family home or to pay for your family’s day-to-day cost-of-living expenses-food and entertainment. The benefit can cover car payments and credit card payments. Vital to many families, your term life insurance benefit can pay into your children’s college education fund. The benefit from your policy can even pay for your medical expenses and funeral costs. Remember: mortgage payments or apartment rental costs, medical expenses, day-to-day living-these are significant expenditures. And the burden to pay them falls completely on your family’s shoulders when you die. Are they ready?

Many people put off shopping for insurance because they think it’s going to be expensive. This is a sad misconception. It’s wrong and it stops people from doing something that all of us should do. The fact is, some excellent term life insurance policies are available for remarkably low costs. In many cases, you may find that the coverage you need costs less than one cup of coffee per day! That’s not a misprint-protection for your family and peace of mind for you, all for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day. Far less than a meal at the fast food restaurant down the street. And the peace of mind that comes from the protection of life insurance is a lot better for your health than that fast food!

Another great thing about term life insurance is how easy it can be to get. Obtaining a quote is fast and free. In many cases, you don’t even need a medical examination!