Did You Know Existing Mortgages Can Help You in Finding Cheap Decreasing Term Life Insurance Plans?

In life insurance, decreasing term life insurance is one of the foremost types. When a person opts for this form of insurance, the death benefit also decreases in equal proportions.

Suppose you have selected policy for five years, paying $10,000 in the first year and decrease every year by $2,000. At the end of policy term, effectively speaking – zero will be your face value and also the coverage expires. Usually, decreasing policy premiums remain same throughout the period. Such insurances are mainly meant to cover mortgage.

If you have certain amount of mortgage and you take decreasing term life insurance policy, you will pay low premiums. Your beneficiaries will receive the money that covers the mortgage, if you die before the term. This applies whenever your policies remain constant for the term period, but the cash benefits that you have to avail from your policy will decrease every year. It is basically well suited for home mortgages.

Such insurance policies allow the owners to exchange current coverage that he or she has with cash value of the policy. Once the policy is exchanged, the death benefit that your beneficiaries get cannot exceed 80 percent of the coverage amount. All the benefits that you get from the normal policy cannot be availed and if you convert a normal policy into decreasing term life insurance, then the beneficiary loses 1/5 of the existing coverage.

The sum assured will get reduced every month and will finally become zero at the expiration of the policy period. Normally, decreasing term policies are opted to cover any loan or mortgage. It ensures that the cover amount is personalized to just cover any loan. And, there are several other benefits of this form of insurance.